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About Me



I care deeply about human development and the transformation that lies underneath the unity of body, heart, mind, and spirit. I stand for the idea that the world needs our artistic, creative spirits, and sensitive aspects of our beings to come alive and shine right now more than ever!

I am Adamantia, I was born and raised in Athens, Greece, and I have been located in Montreal, Canada since 2014. The love that I hold for both lands and cultures has guided me to be floating between the two countries, as in some way I now call both "home".

My passion to discover the mysteries of the world through our subtle senses led me to the art studies of sound engineering and music. I obtained my diplomas and degree, and invested several years exploring the artistic field of sound while collaborating with several musicians and artists.

However, I began to hear a subtle voice inside of me that at times was mumbling, at times merely whispering, and at other times howling loudly! I occasionally paused to listen to that voice. I heard and felt an existential pull that was coming from deep within me. It was a calling to get to know myself, others, and the cosmos in a more intimate way. It was an invitation to more fully step into my path and purpose by voicing and offering my unique gifts and contribution to the world.​​

The process of discovering myself encouraged me to explore several healing methods, personal development modalities, and spiritual paths. Some of them addressed merely the mind and others addressed merely the body. Some of them merely the spirit. Some addressed all three but left important aspects that make us human unexplored or unnoticed.

. .That part of you that loves you more than anything else has created roadblocks to lead you to yourself . . 

A.H. Almaas


Nevertheless, my perception and understanding of the terms “human” and “world” completely shifted when I came across the Integral Coaching® methodology, a holistic process of deep human transformation and growth. Furthermore, another dimension was added to my human experience and work, when I got introduced and trained in TRE®, a somatic process of tension release that expanded my understanding of our nervous systems, and of the power our bodies hold to naturally bring themselves into a state of balance.

Being trained as an Integral Master Coach™  and Tension, and Trauma Releasing Exercises (TRE®) Provider, I create space for individuals to get in touch with the essence of their being and embrace who they truly wish to be. I support individuals in re-aligning themselves with what deeply matters to them by exploring and getting through the challenges they are facing in their life.


My path is to encourage humans to listen deeply to their inner voices, and intuition, and to empower them to transform their sensitive aspects into powerful gifts that have an impact on the world. I hold a compassionate, loving, and yet solid container all along with my clients and I fulfill my purpose by supporting others in finding and fulfilling theirs.

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