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Integral Coaching ®


The philosophy of coaching is based on the belief that we humans have deep within us, the answer that we are looking for. However, at times having ourselves mirrored through the reflection of another human can allow our truth and answers to emerge.

The role of the coach is to support an individual to attain greater self-awareness, to become clearer on the path that they are meant and desire to be walking on, to expand the perception and possibilities they currently hold, and most of all to build the skills and capacities they need in order to tap into the depths of sustained change and transformation.


In metaphorical language, I could refer to the coaching journey as two individuals walking at nighttime hand in hand.. at the same pace and at the same rhythm.. the coach merely is the one that holds the flashlight that brightens the path!

 .  . Coaching is a partnership with a purpose that is based on a relationship of deep care, understanding, acceptance, and most of all trust and co-creation  .  .

Τhe philosophy of the method I work with refers to the word “Integral” which means inclusive of everything, entire, complete, whole. So, at its deepest root, in the Integral Coaching® method the word "Integral" encompasses every aspect that makes us human and refers to a way of coaching that is whole, complete, and integrated. Integral Coaching® methodology combines multiple adult development approaches into a holistic and systematic framework that is focused on effective personal growth, and transformation that brings sustained change beyond the coaching program.​

The holistic approach of Integral Coaching® truly honours the complexity of being human. The Integral methodology has offered me a variety of tools and lenses that enable me to see reality from your own perspective and to understand the way you see the world, the actions you take, the results you are looking for, and the gifts and capabilities that you own. Through this process, I get attuned to you, appreciate your world views, and meet you exactly where you are.

. . Know Thyself and thou wilt know the Universe . .


Throughout the coaching program, I will support you οn landing on a topic that deeply matters to you and that has been challenging in realizing the results you long for. We will together get underneath it and explore both the ways that you have been approaching it up until now and new possible ways. The combination of one-on-one sessions and the self-reflective tools that you will receive will help you identify and work with the long-standing patterns that you have been carrying all the way until now. Moreover, with the support of practices, designed exclusively for you, you will begin to build your ability to move towards brand-new directions and acquire brand-new capabilities that will support you in your journey of sustained change, growth, and deeper fulfillment.

The coaching sessions last between 60 and 90 minutes, and they can be conducted in both English and Greek in an online or in-person setting (depending on your area).

The structure of the coaching program and sessions

Intake -  I learn about you, we explore together your challenges and wishes and we land on a topic that deeply matters to you.

Offer -  I offer you a coaching program that includes: the current and future-based ways of you approaching your topic, clear developmental objectives, a self-reflection, and a somatic practice. Furthermore, we keep diving into a deeper exploration of your topic and program, and we co-create it until it fits you fully.

Cycles of Development -  a series of bi-weekly sessions (the number of sessions depends on your topic) that allow for deeper exploration, integration, and the creation of practices that build new capacities for your topic.

Completion - Final meeting that allows you to claim, integrate, celebrate your growth and complete the coaching relationship.


Adamantia is such a good, non-judgmental, and very empathetic listener. She helped me realize that I have some communication issues and we deeply worked together on it. She was very devoted and always available between our sessions to support me when I needed it. She provided powerful guidance with well-detailed practices and I enjoyed the breathing practices and the ones that contained somatic movement.

The big breakthrough for me was to learn how to listen to my inner voices and so I am so grateful to Adamantia that has opened me to that. During the program and still now, I see the benefits of our coaching experience. I am less shy, more confident in speaking my mind, I am containing myself less, and more able to view and accept other people’s perspectives.


We worked steadily step by step and the work we did has today a positive impact on my working and personal relationships.

Thank you Adamantia. I highly recommend her as your coach!


Adamantia very gently and confidently holds space which makes sharing, contemplation, and discussion very comfortable. She’s caring and affirmative. She is a capable guide and working with her has been a very grounding experience.

The metaphors that were offered to me were very useful. They gave me a lot of insight about my behaviours, energy, patterns, thoughts, and emotions.

Working with Adamantia has shifted my awareness, and has given me context to a lot of feelings and emotions. It’s given me examples to reflect back on, and anchor to for groundedness and awareness. 

It’s given me a better vantage point in which to view myself from, and my relationship with the external world.. That in turn gives me more energy to concentrate in the present moment, to hold space for others, and to focus on “what is”. 

There’s an added calm to how I think, feel, and operate now and that calm and relief echo through all quadrants of mind, body, spirit, and soul!


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